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April, 2018 Archive

HUD Neglected Residents

For years, residents of public housing complexes here were stuck living in aging and neglected buildings with inoperable heat, leaky ceilings, broken windows, mold, mice, roaches, and frequently clogged toilets and sinks.

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Peoria HA Gets Assistance

The Springfield Housing Authority is going to share its expertise with the Peoria Housing Authority. Rather than hire a new executive director, the PHA is temporarily calling on the SHA to address deficiencies.  Peoria Public

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HA Board Resigns

All five members of the Vermilion County Housing Authority Board of Commissioners resigned Monday night out of frustration with federal officials’ handling of an unpaid loan that’s resulted in Longview Bank and Trust filing suit against the housing authority.  The

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Peoria Looks to Springfield HA for Help

PEORIA — An under-performing housing authority is seeking help from a high-performing one.   The Peoria Housing Authority has entered into a 12-month intergovernmental agreement with the Springfield Housing Authority to manage the Peoria operation, said board chairman Jim Fassino. The agreement also carries an option for a six-month extension.   PJ

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No Conflict Found by HUD

Cunningham Township supervisor Danielle Chynoweth has been cleared to serve on the Housing Authority of Champaign County’s board, ending a months-long period of back and forth over her appointment.

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