Divorce Law & Family Law

The Law Firm of Mahoney, Silverman & Cross has extensive experience in the area of Divorce Law and Family Law.

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Divorce is difficult – it can be easier if you have experienced qualified legal representation. Mahoney, Silverman & Cross understand the issues involved in Divorce and Family Law and can help you successfully navigate those issues.

Our team is experienced in assisting clients with issues that include Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation, Child Custody, Child Visitation and Child Support. We can help you understand the issues that are involved in determining Spousal Support/Alimony and the division of Property and other Marital Assets.

Mahoney, Silverman & Cross can help you establish a Prenuptial Agreement, or help you understand if an existing Prenuptial Agreement can be enforced.

The Law Firm of Mahoney, Silverman & Cross has experience in Divorce Law and Family Law. Contact us today at 815-730-9500 to set up a time to consult with us for Divorce Law and Family Law.


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